Sorry, I was really busy for a day or two, and I couldn’t get on.

But while I was off I was thinking about Pixie Hollow.

When I first got on I was about 5 or 6. I loved the Hollow! This was before Sparrowmen, and before Tinker Talents. I could customize my fairies, give them cool clothes, and have fun without a membership.

I stopped playing, and to be honest I don’t really remember why. Years past, and I didn’t think one bit about Pixie hollow. We moved to a different state. I had two friends, one i saw once a week, and one girl in my neighborhood. I was upset. Where i had moved from, I had had 10+ friends. I spent most of my time reading, and going on the computer.  I found a link for Pixie Hollow, and I remembered it!

I was so happy!

I couldn’t remember my past account for the life of me, so I made a new account (Crystal Morningtwirl. It was August 24). I had so much fun, even if i did shed several tears over the fact i couldn’t do anything without a membership. I could have friends online, whereas i didn’t have too many outside. I got my sisters interested again, now I was 9, and they were older too. We all got one month memberships for ourselves. Then we went a few months without going on, and moved again. I got back on later, and was on continuously for about a year or two (That’s when i found Marigold’s Blog). Later I went on vacation, and was off for several weeks. When i got back, i found in my email some notifications from blogs, one of them about the closing. I quickly clicked on it. Then after reading the article, I raced to go to pixie hollow. I felt like I had so much catching up to do, but just like that pixie hollow was going to be gone forever. I found some of my friends, and we hung out in the member areas, and shopped (Everyone had free memberships at the end), and made the most of it.

The first day without pixie hollow, I cried. I was sad, and I felt terrible how many times i had left the hollow, andforgotten about it.

Near the end, It wasn’t about the decorations in your house, how much clothes you had, or if you were a member. (Though I assume that’s all Disney thought mattered to us)

For me, I realized it was about having friends I was unable to have in the real world.

And so I also want to thank all you bloggers, because now I can reconnect with my friends, and make new ones, and that means the world to me. 🙂

Thank you!



One thought on “My Pixie Hollow Story

  1. Thank you for sharing this story, Crystal ❤
    I think many of us took breaks from playing Pixie Hollow, but we would always come back 😉
    Even though the Pixie Blogging Community is way smaller than when Pixie Hollow was open, we're a loyal, tight knit bunch and are always willing to help one another.

    Please email me whenever you get this ( – I have a question for you 🙂

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