Before the Hollow closed, it was a great time. Fairies flew around with no fear of closing. In the garden communities, there was a selfish garden fairy, Rose Sweetgem. This is her story.

Rose paced nervously around her confiningly small house.

“I can’t do this!” She breathed out, collapsing on her flower bed dramatically.

She had been a member from the very beginning- but she had wasted all her money.

She was a community fairy now.

Laila, Rainy, please come over, pronto.

She sent the message to her two best friends in the hollow.

No sooner than Rose had sent it, two fairies appeared.

Laila was a Light talent, and wore a pale blue dress from the post office. She had curly,deep brown hair with blond highlights.

Which Rose now realized she couldn’t change her hair anymore. And she had spent her last diamonds buying post office outfits

Rainy had a single,long, red-blonde braid, and the Rosetta top and skirt on. It was dyed so it was white at the top and faded into navy. She was a water talent.

They stared at her expectantly, not saying anything.

“I’m not a member anymore.” Rose cried out.

“Rose!” Laila and Rainy exclaimed sadly at the same time. They ran to embrace her.

“When did you find out?” Rainy asked softly.

“Today. I got home, ready to throw a party, and my big house was gone. Now it’s only this small, gaudy, flower home. All my things were gone, and this is almost all I have to wear.”

“We’ll help you pick out an outfit, and then we’ll all go out.” Laila assured, looking at Rainy and nodding softly.

Rose sniffled, and wiped the tears from her eyes, now slightly embarrassed.

She got up and opened her closet. It was bare, except a code outfit, her arrival day attire, and her post office outfits.

The Pixie Hollow rules stated that your clothes you bought from your membership had to be taken away.

She had never had reason to be angry with the PH Council- but this made her annoyed.

“What about this?”  Rainy pulled out the standard dandelion skirt that she arrived in.It had since been dyed a sea-foam color. She barely had time to shrug when Laila presented her the flower sash, also from her arrival day. It was dusty rose, the color it came in.

“Put them on!” They commanded, handing the clothing to her.

Rose didn’t want to wear them- She wanted her member clothes. But she sucked it up and changed out of her purple post office dress.

The seafoam didn’t exactly match with the rose, but it didn’t clash either. Rose then threw on post office shoes similar to the color of the sash, and looked in Laila’s handheld mirror..

She still was able to keep her salon hairstyle, instead of taking it out.  It was styled into a big bun, with her bangs loose.

She remembered wearing it with the butterfly ballgown, and feeling like a princess.

Oh how she missed that feeling.

“Let’s go buy outfits at the post office. On us.”

Rose’s heart swelled. She was so glad they were her friends.

“Thank you, guys.” Her eyes teared up again.


To Be Continued…


2 thoughts on “The Story of Rose Sweetgem ~Chapter 1

  1. I love the idea of this story. The idea of what would happen once membership is taken away was one I’ve never thought of. Keep writing – I can’t wait to find out what happens next! 😀

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